At XCMH, when we speak about MH issues, we are not only doing so from a theoretical or academic perspective but because we have had the experience of ‘walking in others’ shoes’ in many real-life situations. With our tried and tested methods, we are confident our courses will help you establish a better MH culture that leads to better performance in the widest range of organisations.

our founder

Paul Vicary, Company Founder

Paul is a military veteran, where his physical and mental resilience was tested in differing environments, including the battlefield, where he had to look the enemy in the eye.  During his busy career and multitude of job roles, he has learnt a plethora of hard and soft skills.  This has provided him with a depth of knowledge and experience to equip him for demanding jobs, which are his ‘life skills’. 

Some of these skills and qualifications to name but a few, include becoming a registered health care professional; a trained paramedic, holding qualifications in emergency and primary healthcare, remote, expeditionary medicine, which has been tested in many demanding situations.  Paul is also a qualified instructor in a variety of First Aid techniques, Mental Health and Health and Safety.

He is trained and qualified in coaching and mentoring, which he utilised motivating and leading soldiers attempting arduous training tasks, as well as for his own expeditions and his job.  He holds a Masters’ degree in Security and Risk Management, higher education in Leadership and Management, Diversity and Inclusion, as well as a Fellow with the Royal Geographical Society.

During his busy career, Paul also managed to walk unsupported to both the geographic North and South Poles, which was arguably the hardest achievements of his life, testing again his physical and mental resilience.  He also guides groups in the Himalayas, one of which was getting 30 military partners’ to Everest Base camp successfully.  All of these expeditions have raised significant funds for worthy charities.  As part of these expeditions, Paul practices what he preaches utilising the skills he has been taught, coaching and mentoring with safety in mind, providing physical and mental support, ensuring the team successfully reaches the goals set.

Paul has since left the regular Army after 35 years military experience, where his work was recognised and he was awarded a meritorious medal for his exemplary long standing service.  He now focusses towards his business, specialising in delivering his expertise in mental health and resiliency with his consultancy and training business.  He couldn’t break fully away from the military, and works part time for a military charity helping veterans’ recover from their injuries.  He still guides treks and is always looking towards his next expedition… On top of this, he balances his young family and his busy work/life.

Paul’s Book

Plan D is a book about overcoming adversity and what you can learn when things are heading for disaster. Throughout this uplifting tale, former soldier Paul (Vic) Vicary shares;

  • How to build resilience and adaptability when things don’t go to plan
  • How to find the strength to conquer life’s most formidable challenges
  • Powerful strategies to help you cope in a crisis
  • Insights into leadership and teamwork that could save your life
Lives Saved
People Trained

Our Services


We provide expert professional consultancy based on your problems. At X-Calibre Mental Health (XCMH), we often say you can think of Mental Health (MH) as being similar to an iceberg because unlike an obvious physical illness the important issues are actually hidden beneath the surface. It’s what’s below the iceberg that matters.


X-Calibre Mental Health’s (XCMH) Ofqual regulated courses will help participants recognise potential Mental Health (MH) conditions early.
This is crucial in helping prevent them from getting worse and for directing those who are suffering to the professional support they need as quickly as possible.


At XCMH we can tailor sessions to meet the needs of your organisation, and include contributions from members of our diverse Voices of Experience Team to help put the message across in the right way. This training helps create a safer, more positive work culture that improves the overall organisation performance.

The XCMH Difference:

With mental health problems costing employers up to £45million; an increase of 16% since 2017 (Deloitte report: MH & Employers, Jan 2020), the need to improve the MH culture in the workplace has never been greater. We can help with all the following and more:

☑ Raise awareness and improve a positive MH culture
☑ Stress management and awareness
☑ Suicide intervention
☑ Improve wellbeing
☑ Anxiety awareness and management
☑ Mental Fitness (resiliency)
☑ Nutritional advice and support

“Each £1 spent on Mental Health training returns as much as £10…” (World Economic Forum, 2019)

Become a Better MH Employer…

It makes complete sense to look at improving the MH of your workforce. Whatever type of business you are in, our specialist education, consultancy and training programmes can make a positive difference by helping you better manage Mental Health in your workplace.