What Our Clients Say…

The feedback and testimonials we receive about our training programmes highlight just how much they benefit our delegates and partners. This is just a small selection from some of the recent training, making a positive impact on participants’ lives and consequently business performance. We’ve also added some of our One Word Clouds, where we ask delegates to provide one word to express the training.

The XCMH Difference:

With mental health problems costing employers up to £45million; an increase of 16% since 2017 (Deloitte report: MH & Employers, Jan 2020), the need to improve the MH culture in the workplace has never been greater. We can help with all the following and more:

☑ Raise awareness and improve a positive MH culture
☑ Stress management and awareness
☑ Suicide intervention
☑ Improve wellbeing
☑ Anxiety awareness and management
☑ Mental Fitness (resiliency)
☑ Nutritional advice and support

What Is X-Calibre Mental Health?

X-Calibre Mental Health (XCMH) is an international training provider, offering a variety of Ofqual and bespoke courses which aim to help educate people about mental health, and ultimately… save lives. Do you want to benefit your organisation? Check out our offerings below:


We provide expert professional consultancy based on your problems. At X-Calibre Mental Health (XCMH), we often say you can think of Mental Health (MH) as being similar to an iceberg because unlike an obvious physical illness the important issues are actually hidden beneath the surface. It’s what’s below the iceberg that matters.


X-Calibre Mental Health’s (XCMH) Ofqual regulated courses will help participants recognise potential Mental Health (MH) conditions early.
This is crucial in helping prevent them from getting worse and for directing those who are suffering to the professional support they need as quickly as possible.


At XCMH we can tailor sessions to meet the needs of your organisation, and include contributions from members of our diverse Voices of Experience Team to help put the message across in the right way. This training helps create a safer, more positive work culture that improves the overall organisation performance.

Become a Better MH Employer…

It makes complete sense to look at improving the MH of your workforce. Whatever type of business you are in, our specialist education, consultancy and training programmes can make a positive difference by helping you better manage Mental Health in your workplace.