At XCMH, when we speak about MH issues, we are not only doing so from a theoretical or academic perspective but because we have had the experience of ‘walking in others’ shoes’ in many real-life situations. With our tried and tested methods, we are confident our courses will help you establish a better MH culture that leads to better performance in the widest range of organisations.

Our specialist training and real-life experiences have given us unequalled exposure in providing MH and Fitness support in what are often highly pressurised situations. We have used these experiences to enhance and create a range of holistic MH programmes that we believe are unique.

We use researched learning techniques and technologies that actually work. This means our training will have a real impact in your workplace in ways that you will be able to measure both in terms of their benefits to individuals and your organisation as a whole.

We care so passionately about making a difference, you can be sure that we will always do our best to support your organisation on its ‘MH journey’.

Our training packages are highly accessible to a diverse range of employees, which means we can also cater for those with disabilities or learning difficulties. Participants have said that our “personal approach is unbeatable” and that they like the “humour, compassion, honesty and fearlessness” we bring to MH. You can get an immediate sense of the degree of engagement our courses achieve by reading all the extremely positive comments and feedback we get from.

We have a track record of success – working for private and public organisations in manufacturing, education and the service sector.

Our training programmes are also highly flexible so we can tailor them to your organisation’s needs. So, if you have specific requirements you would like to discuss, please and we can talk through the options.

We can tap into our team of professional experts, who have been ‘tried and tested’ and whose MH and resiliency have been exposed both physically and mentally to a variety of extreme conditions.

“Each £1 spent on Mental Health training returns as much as £10…” (World Economic Forum, 2019)

The Benefits to MH Training

Creating a positive MH culture in the workplace is not only good for your employees but it can also help you create a competitive advantage by enabling you to:

Reduce Staff Absenteeism 

91 million workdays are lost in the UK each year due to mental illness (World Economic Forum 2019) but do you know what the figure is for your organisation?

Almost one-third of adults say they have suffered from a MH problem in the workplace. (Mynurva 2018). This is often an underlying cause of them leaving and never returning. So, if you have high staff turnover, it could be a sign that the MH culture of the business isn’t as good as it could be.

Unlike a physical injury, MH issues are often not apparent or easy to spot. At XCMH, we see MH as being like an iceberg because what’s most important is often hidden beneath the surface. So, though your employees may be at their desks, if they are grappling with work-related MH challenges then they won’t be working effectively.

because MH challenges lead to absenteeism and lower personal productivity they can seriously hit your bottom line. XCMH’s consultancy services can help you identify areas where MH Health issues are having an impact on your organisation and then create a plan of action for dealing with them.

if you demonstrate that you are a caring employer who deals empathetically with MH conditions then you will reap dividends in terms of improving staff loyalty, morale and team working. This will also feed into your wider organisational values such as diversity and inclusion, all of which will enhance your reputation and make it easier to recruit new talent.

With Mental Health (MH) problems already costing the UK economy £94 billion each year (OECD 2018), the need to improve the MH of employees in the workplace has never been greater, particularly now with so much anxiety surrounding the current Coronavirus crisis and its after-effects.

And though it’s yet not a statutory requirement to take responsibility for the MH of your employees, given the size of the problem, it’s only a matter of time before new ‘duty of care’ legislation is brought in. So, if you haven’t done so already, now is the time to address Mental Health in the workplace if you want to be ahead of the game.

Not all companies appreciate the need to improve the MH and wellbeing of their employees. However, taking steps now to improve the Mental Health culture of your organisation will not only yield commercial dividends but also enable you to stand out from your competition.

Become a Better MH Employer…

It makes complete sense to look at improving the MH of your workforce. Whatever type of business you are in, our specialist education, consultancy and training programmes can make a positive difference by helping you better manage Mental Health in your workplace.