Bespoke Training

By offering our Mental Health training to your employees, you will be helping create a safer, more positive work culture that will improve the overall performance of your organisation.

At XCMH we can tailor sessions to meet the needs of your organisation, and include contributions from members of our diverse Voices of Experience Team to help put the message across in the right way. This training helps create a safer, more positive work culture that improves the overall organisation performance.

These powerful presentations are designed to ‘wake up’ employees to potential MH issues they may encounter in the workplace, as well as in their wider lives. They could be used to give a general introduction to Mental Health or be focused on specific areas such as dealing with stress or raising awareness about suicide.

Whatever the topic, we can tailor these sessions to meet your organisation’s needs and include contributions from members of our diverse Voices of Experience (VofE) Team to help put the message across in the right way.

Awareness sessions are particularly useful in encouraging people to talk about MH in general and a great start point for those interested in becoming a ‘Mental Health buddy’ by taking one of our Ofqual regulated courses.

Based on the latest stress management techniques and technologies, our stress management training includes practical coaching and coping techniques that will develop participants’ self-awareness about how to deal better with pressure at work or in their lives generally. This will assist them dealing with pressures, knowing what to do and where to go as well as improving their personal performance.

We utilise proven models, where this training will aid and equip your employees to hopefully identify and pick up on someone who is suffering with their suicidal emotions. It is a particularly relevant course if your organisation has suffered a tragic death or are in a sector where there is a high incidence of suicide among employees.  Bearing in mind this could sadly affect any industry or workplace.

This half-day course can be extended to a day to include more practical activities and, if appropriate, can include a contribution from one of our VofEs, who will talk about their personal experience of dealing and coping with suicidal thoughts. By learning how to prevent a suicide, those who go on this course could ultimately save someone’s life!

A half-day course that provides a core understanding of alcohol and substance misuse, which is often strongly associated with MH issues. Drink and drugs are often hidden habits that overtake peoples’ lives and which at work lead to underperformance and a whole raft of negative consequences involving health and safety.

This scene-setting training raises awareness and creates discussion. Among other things, it includes information on the current range of street drugs and the signs and symptoms of misuse. As with all our courses, this is delivered by experts in their field.

A bespoke programme that provides the partners of your employees with an opportunity to learn more about MH and to become more involved with your organisation’s community.

During this full-day course, participants will look at the signs and symptoms of MH issues and how they can direct someone to help if they need it. As an added benefit, this training includes a contribution from one of our VofE team who is a partner themselves.

Healthy Eating Management

This course aims to educate and support employees about how to have a better relationship with healthy food. This may mean enhancing existing healthy eating habits or adapting someone’s nutrition to cater for extra activity like running a marathon.

It can also be an eye-opener to employees who are not yet eating as healthily as they could. Whatever their requirement, our expert nutritionists can support individuals with specialist advice and guidance, delivered one-to-one or to a group, as required.

We now offer not only a range of short courses on MH issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, but also specialist resiliency courses that focus on ways to cope during times of crisis.

During the current COVID-19 emergency, these courses are particularly relevant for those working on the front line, such as healthcare workers, as well those who are isolated or having to look after children for extended periods at home.

“Each £1 spent on Mental Health training returns as much as £10…” (World Economic Forum, 2019)

Become a Better Mental Health Employer…

It makes complete sense to look at improving the MH of your workforce. Whatever type of business you are in, our specialist education, consultancy and training programmes can make a positive difference by helping you better manage Mental Health in your workplace.