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At X-Calibre, when we speak about mental and physical health issues, we are not only doing so from a theoretical or academic perspective but because we have had the experience of ‘walking in others’ shoes’ in many real-life situations. With our tried and tested methods, we are confident our courses will help you establish a better culture that leads to better performance in the widest range of organisations.

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Our Vision

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Our Programs

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The X-Calibre Experts

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Paul Vicary
X-Calibre Founder

Paul is a military veteran with extensive experience in physical and mental resilience, honed in diverse environments, including the battlefield. Throughout his career, he has acquired a wide range of hard and soft skills, qualifying him as a registered healthcare professional and trained paramedic, with expertise in emergency and primary healthcare, remote and expeditionary medicine. Paul is a qualified instructor in First Aid, Mental Health, and Health and Safety, and holds a Master’s degree in Security and Risk Management.

Paul’s leadership abilities are demonstrated by his qualifications in coaching and mentoring, which he has applied in both military and civilian contexts. He has led expeditions to the North and South Poles and guided groups in the Himalayas, raising significant funds for charities along the way.

After 35 years in the Army,  Paul now focuses on his consultancy and training business, specializing in mental health and resiliency. He also works part-time for a military charity, aiding veterans’ recovery, and continues to lead treks while balancing family life and new adventures.

Andrew Marlow
X-Calibre Trainer

Andy served 26 years in the military, in which 14 years were with the Special Forces.  He was exposed to high threat, highly pressurised environments, gaining a vast amount of experience and skills which prepared him for his second career…

Andy didn’t just stop there! On leaving one specialised unit he utilised his transferable skills and experience becoming a Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered Paramedic.  Soon after he successfully completed another selection process, becoming a Paramedic for the Hazardous Area Response Team (HART).  HART Paramedics are highly trained and equipped to provide the ambulance response to high risk and complex emergency situations.  Andy has now served just under 10 years with HART….

With all these extraordinary skills, experience, and instructional qualifications, he now shares this wealth of knowledge, helping deliver professional education and training which we look for in our high ‘CALIBRE’ staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

We deliver our programs through a variety of methods tailored to your needs. This includes in-person sessions, virtual training, and hybrid models to ensure maximum accessibility and flexibility.

Our programs are available both day and night, accommodating your schedule to provide training when it’s most convenient for your team.

We can deliver our programs at any location within the UK or internationally. You have the option to use your venue, or we can host the training sessions at one of our partner locations. We customize the setting to fit your needs.

We offer both regulated and non-regulated programs to suit different requirements. Whether you need compliance-focused training or more general development courses, we have options to meet your needs.

The duration of our programs is highly flexible and can range from a few hours to several weeks or months. We customize the length based on the specific needs and goals of your organization.

We cover a wide range of topics, tailored to address your organization’s specific challenges and goals. These can include mental and physical health, practical tips for dealing with various situations, leadership development, and much more. If you have specific topics in mind, we can incorporate them into the program.

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