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At X-Calibre, we are a training consultancy provider specialising in both mental and physical health courses in the workplace. We are dedicated to helping organisations Promote, Protect, and Perform at their best.

We PROMOTE mental and physical health through our comprehensive education and awareness programmes, ensuring that every member of your team is informed and empowered. This proactive approach PROTECTS your staff, team, and organisation by addressing potential health issues before they become critical. As a result, this leads to improved overall PERFORMANCE and productivity, creating a healthier, more resilient workplace.

The Iceberg Explained...

At X-Calibre, we believe that true health lies beneath the surface. Just like an iceberg, where only a small fraction is visible above the waterline, our comprehensive approach addresses both the seen and unseen aspects of well-being through education, training, guidance, and support.

X-Calibre Physical Health (XCPH) – Above the Waterline: Our physical health training courses focus on visible health aspects essential for safeguarding individuals and organizations. These include manual handling, health & safety, fire safety, both regulated and non-regulated courses, and more.

X-Calibre Mental Health (XCMH) – Below the Waterline: Our mental health training courses delve deeper into often unseen but equally vital areas. We offer suicide prevention training, stress management, mental health first aid, Ofqual courses, bespoke training, and more.

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What Is X-Calibre Training?

At X-Calibre Training, our mission is to empower your team with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive both mentally and physically in the workplace, leading to a more productive, engaged, and resilient workforce.

XCPH Courses

Learn about our physical health training courses, which cover manual handling, health & safety, fire safety, & both regulated and non-regulated courses, crucial for safeguarding your staff.

XCMH Courses

Discover our mental health training courses that delve into crucial areas such as suicide prevention, stress management, mental health first aid, Ofqual courses, bespoke training, and more.

Iceberg Programme

Explore our Iceberg Programme, designed to cover both mental and physical health training. It addresses visible and unseen aspects to help your organisation thrive.

What Our Clients Say

Having delivered to over 2k people, and 50+ organisations, we’ve had lots of feedback. Check out what our customers are saying…

Programme Attendee

X-Calibre Training

“I thoroughly enjoyed today’s training session. Listening to people who truly understand our issues was incredibly valuable. Learning from three different professionals and discussing various topics provided a well-rounded perspective. Each speaker had excellent knowledge of their subjects, which made the content engaging and insightful.”

Programme Attendee

X-Calibre Training

“I really liked the course and found it extremely beneficial. I enjoyed it immensely and will take away a lot of valuable lessons. The content was great and provided helpful life skills that can be applied everywhere. The course was both friendly and informative, making the learning experience enjoyable.”

The X-Calibre Experts

Meet the X-Calibre Experts who help deliver our programs. Click through to our About page for more information about their expertise and backgrounds.

Paul Vicary
X-Calibre Founder

Andrew Marlow
X-Calibre Trainer

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Frequently Asked Questions

We deliver our programs through a variety of methods tailored to your needs. This includes in-person sessions, virtual training, and hybrid models to ensure maximum accessibility and flexibility.

Our programs are available both day and night, accommodating your schedule to provide training when it’s most convenient for your team.

We can deliver our programs at any location within the UK or internationally. You have the option to use your venue, or we can host the training sessions at one of our partner locations. We customize the setting to fit your needs.

We offer both regulated and non-regulated programs to suit different requirements. Whether you need compliance-focused training or more general development courses, we have options to meet your needs.

The duration of our programs is highly flexible and can range from a few hours to several weeks or months. We customize the length based on the specific needs and goals of your organization.

We cover a wide range of topics, tailored to address your organization’s specific challenges and goals. These can include mental and physical health, practical tips for dealing with various situations, leadership development, and much more. If you have specific topics in mind, we can incorporate them into the program.

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